"Tuesdays with Morrie" - A religious perspective

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Stage 2 - Religion1.Describe how Mitch's ministry to Morrie grows and develops throughout the film.

Mitch is a busy news reporter one who has to deal with a hectic lifestyle and the constant demand to meet deadlines. He has surrendered his dreams of becoming a musician to dreams of material wealth and professional success and unknowingly values money over love. When Mitch finds out that Morrie, his university professor, is suffering from ALS, it reminds him of a promise he had made when he graduated, to keep in touch. Mitch's ministry towards Morrie slowly grows as he leaves Detroit to come and physically visit Morrie in Boston. Mitch makes an effort to do what he can to help Morrie in his final few weeks; by doing this he makes many sacrifices, not only with his job and time but also with his relationship with his long time girlfriend Janine.

Eventually, Mitch's ministry towards Morrie starts to grow even more as he continues to visit Morrie each Tuesday, bringing all kinds of different foods for Morrie to enjoy.

When Mitch visits he stays to catch up with Morrie, talking to him and even records him on occasions when he talks about life and love. As the film progresses, Mitch learns to take care of Morrie, he sees the nurse and masseuse helping Morrie and so Mitch learns from these people how to aid Morrie with the oxygen mask as well as the technique to clear his lungs from any poison. As Mitch's ministry continues to grow and develop throughout the film we see Mitch having a chance to redeem himself and a chance to reassess his priorities.

2.Discuss the extent to which Morrie's and Mitch's lives are enriched through Mitch's ministry.

Morrie's life is enriched through Mitch's ministry in...