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The popular TV show that is currently on the air is called "That's so Raven". I think it is worth watching "That's so Raven" because primarily it has a lot of educational message in it, and it is all about a teenage girl that goes to high school with her friends, just like any other teenager. This show is very exciting and the viewer won't know what's going to happen next. The spectator learns a lot about caring, loving, and sharing with others. Well, I think "That's so Raven" is a really good and educational show to watch.

"That's so Raven" is a very educational show to watch because of the way they go to school and learn new things each day, if you didn't know something you could learn from that show. For example, one day it talked about the human body and its functions.

I learn a lot from that show because I didn't much about the human body. Another thing is that it is about a teenage girl that goes to school just like us. She is the same age group so this can influence us in many different ways; it can teach us what is right and wrong teenagers can observe a lot of things that relates to them from this show, which can be useful in the future.

Another thing is that this show is very exciting, it is exciting because you don't know what's about to come up. The main character Raven always thinks of doing new things each day, she is really interested in doing designing so she creates her own designs, etc. She is very creative and has a positive attitude toward her desire and what she wants to be. For example, one day...