Tv spoils children

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The power of television on the Young

To persuade my audience that TV has negative effects on our younger siblings and relatives and so measures should be taken to reduce the amount of TV they watch

TV is a great learning tool but it negatively affects the child mentally, physically and plays a large role on their behavior, to reduce the effects children should be involved in other activities.

I have a six-year-old sister, and like most six years old she watches TV in her spare time - the trouble is that she has all the spare time in the world. I don't go home very often, and every time I see her I see a different person. Its not that she is growing or maturing, she is a different cartoon character every time I see her. I don't mind her being Wilma Flintstone or Daphne from Scooby Doo; I worried about her being Britney Spears or going boy crazy at the age of six.

In my opinion TV is manipulating the young, and we should all work together to reduce the amount of time they spend watching it. I know it's not possible for us to personally do something about it right now, but we can talk to the parents who do have some control over their children.

Today I will talk about what TV is doing for our younger siblings and how we can make things better for them.

I. Its educational

A. Encourage kids to read

B. Some programs try to promote good morals

C. Younger kids can watch the news and current affairs

D. According to Making of a citizen the younger generation

is saying no to the news and politics.

II. TV is entertaining

A. Something to do in their spare time

B. Its fun...