Types of hackers.

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All 3 types of hackers may have detailed knowledge of system security and programming, but how they use their knowledge is what makes them very different.

1. Black-hat hackers (also known as crackers) are the ones who write virii, destroy data, and deface websites along with other illegal activity. This type of hacker will not end up at a very good job due to a bad reputation, and usually ends up in jail for a long period of time. This kind of hacker is not welcome at HDNL.

2. Grey-hat hackers are borderline white/black hats. They sometimes prank unsuspecting users and cause general mayhem. While they think this kind of activity is harmless, they may face long periods of jail time, and rejection from the hacker community. We do not approve of this kind of hacker at HDNL.

3. White-hat hackers are the Jedi-knights of hacking, using their knowledge for good, and usually end up working as high-paid network admins, programmers, and security consultants.

When a software bug is found, the white-hat community will work together to solve the problem. This kind of hacker is the most respected in the internet community, and this type of hacker is welcome at HDNL.

Types of Hackers

Blue Alien writes: Classifying hackers by the technology they deal with can be complicated. Because networking and computer technology is so vast, hackers often specialize in one or a few specific areas. For example, some focus on a particular O.S. (Ex. Unix, Mac, Windows), some master the workings of individual applications (Ex. e-mail servers, firewalls, Web servers), and some focus on particular types of attacks (Ex. DoS, dial-in-penitration, Web hacks). Still others use social engineering as a way to gain unauthorized access. There are a few hackers who have mastered more than one...