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  • Perfect

    this is like all that i was looking for, in a short form, without going over the web and interpreting the different pieces of info. Great, at least that's my opinion.
    • 11/12/2003
    • 23:55:05
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  • Article

    In my opinion, I think you are totally correct. Yes, there is a lot of porn on the net, but unless you intentionally search for it, or go to some illegal site, the chances are very low that you would ever come along one of these. And with all the anti-porn software that you mensioned, the is only something like a 1% chance that they would stumble upon porn. Unless, of course they are looking for it, and are advanced internet users, then the chances might go to a 100%.
    • 11/12/2003
    • 23:31:05
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  • P2P

    wow! great article. It really gives an in-depth introduction to what P2P is, and the bad and good sides of it. Great!
    • 11/12/2003
    • 23:23:49
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  • Great

    really nice text to serve as an introduction. I would suggest at least putting up some basics, like the understanding of how to make wariables, etc, or some links to where further lurn Javascript
    • 11/12/2003
    • 23:17:00
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  • Short

    this essay is VERY short, and, in no way is a 10th greater's work. Also, it raises questions, but it never answers the question it was titles with: "Will this magic machine get us all addicted to it and make us spell-bound ?". Try expanding it.
    • 11/12/2003
    • 19:18:41
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  • Ok

    well, looking at this esaay it provides the info in a certain type of way, where instead of telling just the different types, it more states that you should not be bad, and should be good. Come on, you write all the bad things about the black hackers, and all the god things about the white hackers, while you are missing this gap of all the positives of being a black hacker, and the fact that they know how to protect themselves, and it is the script kiddies that are caught most of the time. Overall, this essay provides little info, and it is very one-sided.
    • 11/12/2003
    • 18:33:36
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  • Nice

    good essay, although i did find some repeating facts, and the fact that it didn't really explain the cause of software piracy as promised in the beginning. But still quite good.
    • 11/12/2003
    • 17:37:03
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