Way to dream - a review of the "Billy Eliot" movie.

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Way to dream

All people are different, but everybody has dreams. Dreams are different and depend on the person. Billy Elliot has his personal dream - this is ballet, but most importantly, it is not what kind of dream we have, but most importantly, how persistent we are on the way to our dream. Billy was not afraid to fight all obstacles, which he encountered on his way, and was triumphant. It is very hard to do the opposite of people in a neighborhood, have different customs, and sometimes to defy your own family, but Billy never gave up affront barrier on the way to his dream, because this is the only one way to success.

In the movie "Billy Elliot" we have an example of someone overcoming his obstacles to achieve his dream. In this case it is very important to give for people moral support and understanding. In the movie this support was given to Billy by his grandmother. She could understand him, because this old woman saw a lot in her experience. She saw how people were born and died, prejudices and dreams. She understood what is important and what is not important in this life. She understood if she didn't support him, Billy would relinquish his dream and he would be unfortunate all his life. Subsequently Billy's father understood how his son was gifted and supported him. He was crash his mentality. He was crash his belief; he was going over himself. He went across disloyalty of his friends, he sold preciously things, which he has, these are things of his deceased wife, to give a chance to his son.

The best contribution from all sons' side can be similar attitude to their children, because fathers don't need another contribution except of success of his...