Tzhe Esperanto Of The Next Millenium (Importance Of The English Language)

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The Esperanto of the next Millenium The quote "žEvery educated person in the world will have problems if he or she does not know English" is really true. Apart from the fact that Robert Burchfield wants to promote for his dictionary, he is right. English is the ruling language of the world.

If you are for example in a foreign country, you can speak with other people even if you are not able to speak the national language. The key is English, because nearly everybody learns it at school or otherwise.

If you buy a new telvision you will have to read the english operating instruction. English is also the language of the businessmen the tourists and many more.

I think it"˜s really important that there is an international language, because people must communicate with others all over the world in the century of globalisation. English is a born world language, because it"˜s the national language of many countries and the leading forces in the economy are speaking English.

It"˜s not the easiest language, but each language has its difficulties. I think it"˜s not important to speak perfect English. It's enough, if you are able to manage everyday life situations. It's also good to know other languages reasonably well. Not everybody speaks English and sometimes it's necessary to conversate with people who can't understand English. It's a pitty that nobody is abled to speak every language. That is why an international language is so important.

If you work in the economy, it"˜s also important to have a good command of writing grammatically correct English. I don't write English textes except in the english lessons. I seldom speak English on the streets. The only situation I can remember is that I have asked some tourists from Italy for a tissue. I only use English to understand written or spoken textes and songs.

Another often spoken language is French, which is related to English. I wanted to learn French because it's nearly as important as English. But I gave it up this year. I am learning Latin instead. I think it's more interesting and easier. But unfortunately it's a dead language, that means it's not spoken nowadays.

I will never stop learning English as long as I attend the school, because it's the most important language in the world. And so I want to finish with the establishing, that English is the Esperanto of the next millenium.

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