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"Social" generally refers to the society that we are living in. it describes group of people who live in a particular geographical boundary. Social is more than one which is collective. There is some problems related society which is called social problem. "Social problem" means group of peoples are suffering in the same problem. One of the most common social problems is "underage drinking". Underage drinking is when anyone under the legal age of drinking alcohol. Underage drinking is a wide spread public health problem that poses many risks. This research concerns about health, addiction, effect on brain, teens keep out from school, accidents, abnormality on decisions and low concentration to their study as well as friends n family. Mostly high school going students are under aged and this research is spotlighting in the "city of Toronto". We want to mention that the legal age is 19 in Ontario.

Why underage drinking is a social problem:

Alcohol becomes a social problem because of us. Alcohol abuse is universal. It has no social class, no stereotypes; it is not racially motivated and is not limited to any age group. The fact that alcohol is addictive and can cause medical problems. We all know the damage it can do. Many rehabilitation centers have popped up in our states in the last few years. Approximately 20 percent of adults grew up with a family member with an alcohol problem. These adults themselves are at risk. There are some emotional issues such as guilt, depression, and relationship problems are often found in children or teenagers of alcoholics." Basically teenagers say, "I can quit whenever I want but they can't." This is one reason that it can be a social problem.

Another reason it becomes a social problem is when very young people...