Underage Drinking

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In my opinion, I believe drinking among college and underage teenagers has become a very serious problem for a while. I was surprise with all the statistics in the readings and I wouldn't know that parents would do such thing to start their underage kids drinking and lead themselves of getting fine and being arrested. For example, Milwaukee, WI in the article "Parents should think twice before hosting teen parties with alcohol" states "88% of parents say they don't know everything they need to know about the legal consequences of underage drinking for their teens." I think these parents are lying because they were once teenagers in their life, so they should know the consequences.

Even though the law is strictly enforce in this country compare to the law in my country which is not strictly enforce, the statistic of college and underage teenager drinking never got that high. On the other hand, kids in my country can start drinking any time and there is no limited of age as long as they can afford it.

However, they will get into a big trouble if their parents find out about their drinking problem such as they would send their kids to correction facility to punish them as long as they want. I believe kids in this country are never afraid of their parents, so they can do whatever they want whether their parents agree or not. I would say that parents should take the blame for it because kids wouldn't learn about alcohol and create temptation to try it if alcohol never exists at home.