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English 201 Jonathan Chiang

Is Hunting Ethical?

I believe that hunting is an ethical activity, so long as it is properly controlled and only done on not endangered animals. If no one hunted, then many species would overpopulate and threaten humans. We have built many cities and neighborhoods all over the world and are shrinking the animal's habitats. So the only solution would be to use human intervention again and decrease the population and control them. That is why we have hunting season laws and what is acceptable to kill. Hunting season is usually in the fall, because most animals don't give birth during that time. It also thins the herd before the winter sets in; making food supply more available to the ones that survive (yahoo answers). The main benefit of hunting is to control the population. Not only for human's safety, but the animal's safety too. If the population becomes too great, then there could be a massive die off due to disease or starvation.

Humans are acting as the werewolves and predators, since most of them have died off. Killing any animal is bad but we have to do it for the safety of both parties. It can't be worse than killing cows or chickens for food though. Most deer that are hunted have lived a free life unlike cows or chicken that have been stuck in small cages or crowded pens. There is no other solution. Nature can't fix the problem that we have caused.