Unit 1 Paper: Branches of Chemistry-Pharmacists

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Branches of Chemistry-Pharmacist

Pharmacy has been growing and becoming a top ranked job within the United States. As the population that are in need of health care and medications increase, so does the need for licensed Pharmacists (Hart). A pharmacist gives the prescribed medicines from physicians and health practitioners to the patients. They are in charge of keeping track of the patients' health and advising the physicians with their selection of the medication and amounts that should be given to different patients with different conditions (Explore).

A pharmacist carries responsibilities of protecting people with the correct drugs with the correct amounts of the drug. They need to know the different laws of making and selling drugs, and need to know about the drug's effects, uses and composition (Explore). Many different skills are required in order to be a successful Pharmacist. First off it is incredibly important to have very strong math and science skills.

Having a background in many fields in science and math (Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Statistics, etc.) is extremely important for all of the calculations of doses of medicines and the study of the patient's profiles that occur. They must have strong memorization skills for that they need to know about hundreds of drugs and their different names, their usage and side effects. They must pay very close attention to detail when it comes to the correct drug and dosage of that drug, and the correct number of pills for the prescribed medication. Being a pharmacist also requires the ability to communicate well with people. Being able to interact properly with individuals, whether it be customers or patients, is very important in this field of work (Hart).

To become a pharmacist, certain education requirements must be completed in order to get licensed for the job. In high...