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Going for the Gold? As I sit and read the article ?Not Playing Games? in Newsweek, I questioned the fact weather or not it was important for the American government to waste the tax dollars of America citizens for manpower and high-tech security systems at this years Olympics in Salt Lake City. With the many problems already facing this nation from our war on terrorism, to the clean?up of the aftermath of September 11th , there seems to be a lot more important things than to spend America?s hard earned tax dollars on then the overwhelming security at this years Olympics.

When I finally finished the article my mind changed rather quickly as I realized that protecting the world?s best athletes and thousands upon thousands Americans and foreigners visiting the Winter Olympics was rather important and should be held with the utmost caution. Due to the fact that if a terrorist did happen to attack the Olympics the spectators from foreign countries would be less likely to come back and visit America because they would fear for their safety.

Thus, with fewer tourists coming in our country our economy would drop off dramatically, which would force companies to lay off more and more American workers.

With the horrors of the September 11th bombing still fresh on everyone?s mind the government decided to spare no expense in protecting the 2,600 athletes, 175,000 daily spectators and the 1.8 million wary residents of Salt Lake City. Along with the overstaffed manpower more than 400 cameras, some outfitted with remote-controlled zoom lenses-will spy from rooftops and highway bridges. Facial recognition software has also been installed in most all Olympics venues. Also a new radio system will allow all local, state and federal officials to talk to one another. And I believe the...