"Unreality Television"

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1. Identify the thesis and then write it in your own words.

The thesis of the essay is that television is a media that forms people's view and opinion. The essay makes parallel and comparison between the Canadian and the US television. The message is that US television doesn't provide the nation with the reality. Instead, it keeps people away from the facts by giving the audience shows that don't talk about the current and important issues related to the country.

2. To whose "unreality television" does Dwyer refer?

Dwyer refers to the US television, which is unreal. The TV shows like Bachelorette, Survivor, Sex and the city, Friends and others, don't comment on issues connected with the world problems and don't ask for an opinion. CSI is also unreal as long as the police department doesn't have money for such technology and equipment, which "put NASA to shame".

3. What do you think Dwyer means by "the most enormous and enormously contentious, issues facing America today? (para. 3)

Dwyer refers to The Super Bowl. By "the most enormous and enormously contentious, issues facing America today " he means that the television makes a big issues out of nothing. It shifts the focus of attention from the important issues to the least concerning matters. The contentious issue facing America is Janet Jackson's bare breast instead of the fact that the States are in a war situation.

4. What does he mean by 3 of the following terms? Do they add or do they take away meaning in the essay? (in each case)

a. cognitive dissonance (para. 8)

By cognitive dissonance, Dwyer explains that the Americans made the movie series 24 where they show how a black person takes the president's place. However, in reality it won't happen even...