The Untethered Soul

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Rasha Alsakka


Mrs. Mitchell

2 June 2014


The Untethered Soul by Micheal A. Singer is a novel written about how to soar away from one's limitations. The novel explores a person to open up through one's boundaries and to help discover their true inner peace. Teachings and peaceful mindsets are conveyed throughout this novel, to persuade readers that suffering through life can be changed. Clinginess was a dominant theme portrayed throughout the majority of this novel. It is known that clinging onto pointless thoughts and insecurities can lead to suffering. It is also known that religion can help end clinginess. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam are known to have their limitations and similarities to clinging. Buddhists believe that meditation and simply letting go can free away negative energy. Hindus call clinging "samskara" because all difficult experiences through life leave impressions on one like a scar. Muslims believe that clinging onto emotional despairs is appalling for oneself and should only cling to God.

All three of these religions share the importance of letting go, but in different matters. It is clear that clinging can affect the way one lives their life and can lead to suffering, but can be solved through religion. This is evident through the exploration of mediation through Buddhism, "samskara" through Hinduism, and clinging to only God in Islam.

Firstly, identifying that one is clinging is the first step to resolving ones issue. The novel portrays that if one has a dilemma to notice it first before they solve it. Buddhists believe that once a person has found a problem it is time to practice letting go of it (The Existential Buddhist). Singer conveys that the only thing one listen's too, is the voice inside one's head. Singer states, "The only things in there are your thoughts,