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Censorship Selena Nuutinen Mrs. Hill 1st hour November 12, 2000 ?Censorship... a system under which official censors must give permission before communications of a specified type can lawfully be made? (Wilgoren, 1). Recently censorship has become a major problem in our society. Censorship should not be banned on books. People should not be told they cannot read a book. ?Unfortunately history has shown that words can be used for ill as well as for good, to destroy lives as well as to enhance them? (Steffens, 9) Words and reading them gives us a better understanding of other peoples views. Censorship should not be placed on books.

Every person can find a particular section in a book that they do not agree is appropriate. ?Many local censorship incidents still consist of one parent complaining about one book? (Fege, 10). ?In Colorado kids were eager to hear the fascinating tales of Harry Potter.

That all stopped when people thought the book was evil and thought that it did not belong in the schools.? (1) How can people take a book that a child enjoys based on their views? In schools some kids may or may not have read the book Huckleberry Finn. ?Huckleberry Finn is not only one of the best books ever written in this country but it?s also the most influential? (West, 43). Reading books gives people a sense of what history is all about. ?If black kids are never taught Huckleberry Finn they are put at a real disadvantage if they ever go on to study literature at the college level? (43). ?You can get all hyped up about the fact that the word ?nigger? appears in the book over two hundred times, but that was what black Americans were called in the 1840?s, which when the...