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I love Cassie Talaga because she completes me. We met at the University YMCA of Charlotte. Both of our parents are divorced. My parents live here in NC. Her mom lives in CA and her dad in FLA. He is a contractor. He was up here working on Bass Pro Shops and so it was total coincidence that we met. We dated for about 3 weeks. Then, she left and moved back to CA. I havent seen her in 3 years. She told me tonight that she can't take the pressure put on her with me in her life so I wrote her this email from my heart but in anger as well.

But I hope you remember this letter. I hope you know what you are doing, and what you are doing to me. Hopefully, knowledge and wisdom, which is the power to use that knowledge, will find you in time for your decision.

I don't believe you have weighed each side with it's proper pro's and con's. Maybe you need to simplify this to basics and facts and see where you get. Talk to ya soon. I love you. Bye! Matt