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"To Build A Fire", by Jack London was a story about a man who's job is to ship logs in the springtime. The author uses the 8 aspects of fiction to reflect his point of view that it takes brains to survive. The characters in the story are used to keep the story going and help the author come across to his audience. The plot is the storyline in which the story it self takes place. The setting is the environment in which the story takes place. The suspense is when the author keeps information back from the reader so he/she will continue reading to find out what will happen. Foreshadowing is the readers way of telling what will happen in the story. He/she does this when the author gives out clues in the story. Fantasy is, "the suspension of disbelief in the story", so the reader can enjoy the work of fiction.

Images are made when the reader takes into consideraition that the author is giving out specific clues to him/her so that they can pictur the scene. These 8 aspects of fiction are more indepthly explained in the paragraphs to come. The author uses these aspects of fiction to make his point clear that, it takes brains to survive.

In this specific story the author doesn't give the character a name, he just calls him "the man", as if the story was in a third person point of view. The character has many outstanding traits that are shown in the story as you read. Some of these characteristics are that the man was brave in going on this journey, he was fearless, but he had no imagination. The reason the author states that the man has no imagination is because he doesn't use his brain to do things. He just does them hoping they will work the way he thinks they will, his way.

The story is one of the main aspects. Now it starts out like this. The man is traveling part of the Yukon Territory, He is looking for a way to get out logs in the stpring from the islands in the Yukon, but the weather is very harsh and he has trouble doing his job. The man later begins to freeze to death, and he tries to make a fire but he doesn't and he then at the end tries to fall asleep and die.

The plot is mainly exactly the story made into an easier way to read. The plot goes like this: 1. He beings journey, 2. He was running low on food, 3. He tries to run around a tree to raise his body tempture, 4. Tries to kill and eat dog, 5. Then at the end he tries to fall asleep and die because he can't stand the cold weather.

The setting is taken place in The Yukon Territory, In Northwest Canada. It's winter and the tempture is 75degrees below zero. Now the setting is made to give you a picture of the scene, can you picture a cold, freezing place, with dead trees, and snow everywhere, well that's the kind of picture I get when I think of the setting.

The suspense builds when he tries to build a fire. The reader(s) want to know if he succeds in making the fire or not. Now this is what happens, he builds a fire right under a tree, so the snow just keeps falling on the fire when it starts. So he fails. Then another example of suspense is when he thinks of killing and eating the dog, will he do it to survive? , What will happen? , These are some questins asked. Well he can't kill the dog mainly because the mans hands are freezing and he cant move them.

The Foreshadowing is when the author gave you a clue about the story's future. An example of the was when he tries to build the fire and the snow from the top of the tree keeps fallingon it, you get a picture that he's not going to make it out alive. The author uses this so he can build suspence and the reader want to keep reading so they can find out if there hypothesis was right or not.

The fantasy is The man is freezing to death without fire, and only a dog with him. This is something that is believeable but is it like an everyday kind of thing. Well I guess. The fantasy like I said before is suspension of disbelief of the reader so they can enjoy the story, remember this suspension is only temporary.

Images are the pictures you get from the authors words. Picture this a man and a dog out in the middle of a freezing, cold place with no more power to go on. Is that pictureable, well of course the author will give more details to help the reader understand more of what kind situation they are in. The author puts much detail on to the images of the story.

In conclusion, the author uses the 8 aspects of fiction to get his point of view across to his audience. The author uses character, story, plot, setting, suspense, foreshadowing, fantasy, and images to get his point of view across. Well if you haven't figured it out as yet, the message the author was trying to get through was that it takes brains to survive.