Unwarranted Evil----horse slaughter

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Unwarranted Evil

Katherine Bennett

Cornerstone University

Unwarranted Evil

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandi

A horse can be viewed as a best friend to a little girl or someone's dinner in Europe. The slaughtering of horses is an unnecessary evil. The history of our nation is greatly owed to the horse. They supplied cowboys and Indians a mount during battles, easier travel to the west for it to be discovered, getting gold from below the earth's surface, and provided support to carry the injured and dead off the battle field. They are still used today as a supply for labor jobs, profit, transportation, companionship and pleasure. Subsequently, they now depend on humans for all the care, food and protection they need daily. They have earned every right to be taken care of and pampered until they pass away.

The slaughtering of horses is cruel and unnecessary. Especially for animals that have provided and provide the world with so many things.

"Lake Research Partners conducted a recent nationwide poll confirming 80% of Americans, regardless of gender, political affiliation, urban or rural residence or geographic location, oppose horse slaughter for human consumption. The poll also found the vast majority of horse owners oppose horse slaughter" (2014, Victory).

Horse slaughter is unnecessary and the transportation is unsafe, the act is inhumane for the horse and the people consuming the meat, and the communities in which the slaughter house is located received nothing beneficial from the company.


Slaughter is commonly misunderstood to be humanely putting a horse down or euthanasia. Even though they both have the same end result, they are very different. The definition of euthanasia according to the...