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Music in Therapy

Jeff Weigel

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Music is a part of everyday life, from most people's alarm clock going off in the morning, all the way to an elevator ride. Most people hear music and pay no attention to it, think of the commercials one sees daily and the TV shows thye watch. There is music in the back-round most of the time. Music can add suspense to a scary movie, or suspicion in a mystery. Music can make add feeling, and make one think; all the while it may not ne noticeable. Therefore, music can be used as therapy in many fields.

Music is used by massage therapists to help their patients relax. Music can be an odd feeling to have a stranger touching and poking at one's body. Playing music in the massage therapy room can help a patient relax and receive better treatment.

In the early days, musician Emil Gagliardi had trouble receiving massage due to the incomplete atmosphere. Aroma therapists use candles and scents as their therapy, music is also something that can help their patients relax. I have always found that a certain scent can bring one back to a specific time in life that they remember, and somehow that scent is connected to it. Music can do the same thing when one hear a song that was on the top of the Billboard list, they would probably think of what they were doing at the time, or the friends they were hanging out with. That music may be a big part of why people remember that and not other things. Research has shown memory to be affected by many different factors. One of these factors is music, which has been found...