Updating of the Backup System

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Updating of the Backup System


It is important to always back up computer data. This should be done every day. Although it may seem like a tedious process, it becomes an indispensable rescue procedure when a computer crashes and the data is directly inaccessible.

One can use several methods for backing up data. One can back up data by using a CD, a Zip disk or something similar. A CD burner has become the easiest way to store data. Burning a disk of important files and programs everyday is a guaranteed way of saving your personal data.

One can purchase software that will automatically back up data. When a computer crashes, the program will retrieve your otherwise "hidden" data with ease. While it may be possible to retrieve the data, a data recovery specialist may still be needed to fix the hard drive.

Either way, data is never completely lost after a computer crash.

It may be inaccessible, but a computer specialist or a software program may be able to restore the data. File and program data recovery can be performed so that important data can be retrieved (Johnson, 2003).

In any business, though, it is essential and crucial that all data be preserved. Because of the enormity of data in a business environment, due to the aspect of a networking system, a system of backing up data as similar to those processes mentioned above, regarding backing up data from a PC, would not be feasible. A much more extensive process is needed.


At my office, we decided that we needed to upgrade our tape backup system to make use of the high-tech features that were presently available. We compared our present system to what was available and decided that it would be worthwhile to upgrade, not only...