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Throughout American history, the U.S had fought many wars throughout time. The cold war was a war in which America had fought threw other countries and threw their arsenals. America mostly used containment rather then counter revolution during the cold war. The U.S used many ways to keep communism from spreading, for the fear of the welfare of democracy and another war from taking place. America was ready to preserve the welfare of the world as two super powers emerged after World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union.

After World War II many nations were facing depressions and other economic problems, but throughout the whole world two super powers came to power the U.S and the Soviet Union. The Soviets felt that since they were a super power that they can take advantage of countries weakened after the war to expand their territory and spread communism, also punish Germany by keeping it weak and divided.

America from the experiences of World War II wanted to encourage democracy in other to prevent the rise of totalitarian governments. America wanted to unite Germany, believing that it would be better for the U.S to create new American markets for its industries, rather then punish them harshly. The cold war began with the Yalta Conference to bring order in the end of WWII, but Stalin didn't want to hear it, Stalin's army had reached the Oder River and was poised for the final attack on Berlin, but Stalin on Feb. 3 had ordered Zhukov to pause while the conference was in session. His occupation of Poland was complete, and he possessed command of the largest army in Europe, 12 million soldiers in 300 divisions. Eisenhower's 4 million men in 85 divisions were still west of the Rhine. The soviet...