The use of drugs and alcohol and there affect on teenagers.

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"It is easier to mold a child then reform an adult." Adolescents are teenagers growing into adults, therefore teenage years and decisions can be part of their adult lives. Many things affect a person's life and well-being - some good and some not so good. A teenager is faced with many pressures and temptations forcing them to make many decisions. These temptations and pressure from peers sometimes make decision-making difficult for teenagers. To overcome these pressures a child has to be prepared for their encounters. If they are not prepared they may make wrong decisions which will lead them down the wrong path. Once a teenager starts traveling down that path it is hard to turn around and start over. On this path of wrong decisions teenagers are often tempted by peers to try drugs and/or alcohol. Drug(s) is a term used for narcotics such as marijuana and alcohol and even the nicotine in cigarettes.

Teenagers want to be accepted by their peers; it is normal for teenagers to seek acceptance from peers and disregard parents and adults. Sometimes, acceptance means that he/she makes decisions that are not positive for the teenager. Making decisions to avoid the illegal or wrong path sometimes is very difficult, teenagers tend to think they will just try it and see how it feels. A person doesn't realize that a trial could and most likely will change their outlook on the drug. They begin to no longer see the danger of that drug and weakening their outlook on others. Before they know it, they are doing things they never thought they would. Cigarette, drug and alcohol use can become part of teenager's life, especially when surrounded by peers that are using, faster than they imagine. Many teenagers do not think that smoking a little pot...