The Use of Robotics in modern Prosthetics

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The Use of Robotics in modern Prosthetics


Warren Hayes

A Undergraduate Project

Submitted to Dr Kevin Rigby

In Partial fulfillment of the Requirements of

Unmanned Aerial System Robotics ASCI 318

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Edwards AFB Campus

June 2014

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Robotic in Prosthetics

Robotics in Prosthetics


Researcher: Warren Hayes

Title: The Use of Robotics in Modern Prosthetics

Institution: Embry riddle Aeronautical University

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Aeronautics

Year: 2014

Robotic technology has become an essential part of our lives; the majority of the consumer products we use daily are produced by robots. With the introduction of faster processors, smaller chipset and microcomputers, robotics has also influenced the medical industry to include including prosthetics. Robotics has demonstrated capabilities in medicine that were unheard in the past;

In 1997, surgery was performed in Cleveland Ohio using the Zeus robotic surgical system which successfully reconnected a woman's fallopian tubes, and in May of the same year the Da Vinci surgical system assisted with heart bypass surgery in Germany ("Robotics in medical," 2014).

The first unmanned robotic surgery was conducted in Italy in May 2006. The next logical application for robotics in medicine would be to improve the quality of life for amputees by improving prosthetics.

This technology led to the development of advanced prosthetics which has increased the options for those people who have a need for prosthetic devices. The field of robotics has proved to be the next step towards achieving the most lifelike prosthetics to date. With the advent of small scale actuators and motors combined with micro computing, it's now possible to emulate the movement of human limbs more precisely.


Prosthetics are defined as an artificial device used to...