Using Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) for a case study in a common Finance corporation.

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The essay uses Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) to evaluate how organization behaves and reacts certain way. I am using the company that I am currently working with - Northern Trust Information Delivery as a sample case.



I picked the Northern Trust IDS - International group that I want to concentrate my research on. This group is unique and has a different culture than the rest of the organizations. The Northern Trust IDS -International department functions to provide audited trust portfolios to international clients on a monthly basis. The department itself consists of one division manager, four section managers, eight team leaders and forty analysts.

Culture and Behaviors Associated

Based on the OCI circumplex, the organization's greatest strengths and weaknesses are intertwined with each other. The strengths are in Conventional and Perfectionistic, with the weakest styles in Dependent and Power grids. The traits match up with the way the organization is conducted and expected at this business unit; they are likewise expected to follow certain procedures when a mistake is found.

Following the major accounting scandals, most U.S. major corporations are now expected to conform fully to the accounting rules. Consequently, the upper management of Northern Trust is stressing the importance of these standards when analysts audit client portfolio statements -- an intuitive and comprehensible approach that creates more safeguards to the accounting treatments before statement is mailed. The goal of 95% mailing deadlines also contributes to the soaring scores in OCI's Perfectionistic style. Due to the nature of IDS - Global International's group, each report sent to each clients should be error free.

Errors resulting in analyst overlooking issues are counted against the analysts, and might impact their annual review. The managers who control the performance review of analysts rely on the outcomes of the accounts mailed. The...