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VALUES ESSAY My three best values are Friendship and companionship, power, and adventure. My two worst values are knowledge and helping others.

Friendship and Companionship - I feel that this is one of my best values because I enjoy working with people and I am always around people. I enjoy spending lots of time with my friends because they are important to me in my life. I would not be able to sit in an office all day starring out a window or at a wall. I feel I have to be involved with either the people I work with or people related to my job. I always like getting to know the people I work with and work together as a team.

Power - Power to me is a good role even if I am not the top person where I work or the president. Power helps me make decisions at work and in my every day life.

I do like to run things though, in a far way. I enjoy makes decisions and keeping everything on track and going well for either group work or tasks at work.

Adventure - I already knew that I loved adventure. I hate doing the same thing all the time, change is not only good but I must have it in my life or I get bored, bored very easily. I love trying new things and taking risks. I do not really know if I would like traveling all the time cause I have never been on a an air plane, but I am assuming so. Trying new things makes my life exciting.

Knowledge - I like learning new things but only if they are a big interest to me. Researching things is not really fun for me. The jobs that relate...