The values in the TV series "Kath and Kim"

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My visual representation is based on the values of television characters Kath and Kim, during the episode 'Old'. Values such as vanity, image, selfishness and celebrities are all represented in different aspects of my illustration with the use of many techniques, including hyperbole, juxtaposition, colour, pattern, symbols, pun and layout. The representation itself is an image of an old woman's body dressed in a young girl's outfit dancing and singing on a red carpet. On top of this old woman's shoulders is a large cartoon head of Kath wearing a tiara. There are three dead sheep in the background and the title 'mutton dressed as lamb' above Kath's head.

When Kath says "u should see the looks I get" in the target episode 'Old', she shows that she is vain, this vanity is represented by the use of exaggeration that creates the symbol of being 'big headed'. In my image Kath is literally big headed, as she has a very large head that has been deliberately exaggerated to show the vanity of her character.

Kath has inflated feelings of self-pride and feels as though she is superior to others. The head of Kath also directly relates my representation to the television series 'Kath and Kim'.

'Old' is concerned with maintaining one's youthful appearance well into middle age. In this episode Kath is worried about looking 'old' so she attempts to look young by the way she dresses and speaks, eg "Yo peoples…don't get jiggy with me." This value Kath and Kim have of Image and superficiality is explained with the pun "Mutton dressed as lamb," which is how Sharon describes Kath's looks upon being asked. It means that Kath is very old but dresses as someone quite young. These values of image are also shown through juxtaposition, Kath's body is very old, represented by symbols such as wrinkles and a walking stick, but she is assembled in a short dress with colours and patterns that a young person would wear. Kath is also wearing a tiara on her head that symbolises an accessory a young lady would wear at a debutante ball. This juxtaposition satirises Kath's attempts to look young.

In the target episode celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Nigella Lawson are talked about and looked up to. Kath and Kim both have an obsession with copying celebrities that is shown in my representation by symbols such as red carpet, which celebrities walk on upon entering award nights and the microphone, which celebrities sing and talk into. The red title also represents the love and passion Kath and Kim have for copying celebrities.

In the episode 'Old' Kath and Kim are selfish to each other and the people around them. This selfishness is portrayed by the layout of my representation, Kath is centred in the middle of the page looking forwards, which shows that she can not see or think about things beyond herself. Kath does not even notice the poor, dead sheep that are around her, which are an exaggerated symbol of the people she is selfish to. By using sheep instead of people the pun "mutton dressed as lamb" turns into a metaphor, saying that Kath, Kim and their friends aren't celebrities or anyone out of the ordinary but simply common people, they are sheep.