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Persuasive Speech- Vegetarianism

Compassion is a strange phenomenon. It is a beautiful ideology that humanity boldly professes yet sometimes fails to put into practice. The "compassion" that we humans choose to exhibit is selective, selfish in nature, and inconsiderate of that which we believe to be inferior to us. What is it that we deem inferior? Animals, of course---but not ALL animals. Our beloved cats and dogs are not included in this harsh characterization of animals because we do not even consider them to be "animals". We give them names, sometimes human ones, and private residences inside our homes. We furnish their living space with padded beds, fluffy blankets, and cuddly toys. We take extreme measures to ensure their safety, comfort, and contentment. After we feed them their mineral-enriched chow, we sit down at the dinner table to devour that well-deserved tri-tip. What's more, we do not even take into consideration the fact that what we are eating is no different to the golden retriever we just patted or the cat we just brushed.

After all, aside from the physical and anatomical differences between them, a cow, a dog, and a cat are all animals.

So why doesn't eating animals fall under animal abuse and cruelty? Everyday millions of cattle and pigs are butchered to satisfy our palate. Where are all the "animal activists" now and why are they selective towards only house pets? Is the life of a cow, chicken, or pig any less valuable than the life of a dog or a cat? It has been proven that all animals have feelings. They have the capacity to love, experience pain, and fear, just as us humans do. Why is it that killing animals for the selfish interests of humans totally acceptable, but injuring a house animal such as...