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The positive effect of vegetarianism

(Persuasive Research essay)

Jenny Li

Mrs. Joen


April 21, 2014

As Americans grow more health conscious, vegetarianism has become a popular diet among individuals within the 21st century. However, vegetarianism is not a new idea; in fact, it has been practiced since the early evolution of human beings. 24 million years ago, the human ancestor, hominids has evolved, and since then for one-and-a-half million years they have lived on an almost completely vegetarian diet, except for occasional insects and grubs when food sources are not available (Dozell). This is because vegetarianism benefits anyone, young or old, healthy or sick. Vegetarianism is scientifically proven to improve one's well-being in numerous ways. For example, vegetarianism improves health outcomes as consuming vegetarian diets reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lower levels of obesity, blood pressure and lowers mortality rates(Anonymous). Vegetarian based diets are also more ethical as they prevent inhumane treatment of animals.

Finally, embracing vegetarianism can lower the overall carbon footprint, thus, maintains sustainable world for the future generations. The effects of vegetarianism on individuals and society are far more beneficial than that of meat consumers.

It is commonly argued that consuming raised and slaughtered animals is not cruelty-it is, in fact, ethical and humane. Non-vegetarians believe consuming meat is not immoral but a natural cycle of life. All organisms on earth eventually die or are slaughtered at some point of their life in order for others to live (Ruhlman). Thus, vegetarians should not undermine nature as meat consuming is a natural process of life. Meat consuming is an important aspect of humankind. In return for their meat consumption, humans tend to provide care for the animals they consume and ensure their survival. For example, cows, chickens, sheep and pigs would not survive in the wild...