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Short story setting

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Oct/ 10th/ 07

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The story "the veldt" by Ray Bradbury took place in an automated house in the future. A time in which every detailed day to day events from smallest to largest were accomplished with the absolute aid from machines. In this house, there was a room called the nursery, it runs 12 meters across and has a height of 9 meters. The walls and floor were finished with crystalline. This room was unique because it captured the mental picture of a place or fantasy in the human brain and turned it into a virtual reality hologram so realistic, you could feel it. In the story, the family had a lot of needs and desires, and because the house is so automated, all of them are fulfilled, the kids never needed to hand brush their teeth or tie their shoes, the house basically replaced order.

The Nursery acted as a parent to the kids and drained all the emotions and love from the birth parents. And when the birth father refused to obey the need of his children, the children started a grudge. At first the kids were frustrated and angered, so they pictured Africa, it was so real, when the parents entered it they could feel the heat, and smell the blood in the air. This disturbed the parents so they threatened to turn the machine off, and since the kids had grown so attached to the veldt they really feared for it. Out of hatred and fear the kids tricked their parents into the nursery locking it from the outside. And through the malfunction of the machine, it killed the parents.

The family in the novel was rich and spoiled; they bought an automated house that...