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What is IEP?

*A multidisciplinary education plan that is developed for a specific student.

*Educated decisions that guide to an individualized education plan.

Why is the IEP significant?

*The IEP Team places an IEP into effect before offering special education and services to a student.

*The IEP is applied after the meeting.

*The IEP Team modifies the IEP and evaluates it at least annually.

*The IEP meeting must include all of the necessary members and parent contribution must be certain.

How to evaluate progress?

*The IEP team will need to collect information from several resources. This information will contain subjective observations of the child in assorted environments and objective testing.

*Each school district must be certain that one or both of the parents of a child with a disability are there, or have a chance to be present at, each meeting.

*Reason of the meetings must be explained to the parents.

*Parents have the chance to contribute in all meetings regarding their child.)

Goals and objectives of the IEP:

*The IEP should include a statement of yearly goals.

*The goals and objectives should be associated to your child's requirements that is an outcome from the disability.

*The IEP should allow your child to improve in the general curriculum.

* The purpose should meet other educational needs that are an effect from your child's disability.

*The IEP goals should focus on dropping or removing the child's problems.

*The short term objectives should offer you with ways to evaluate the educational development.

*An IEP should include ways to independently measure the child's growth or lack of development in the program.