Veteran's Day Means To Me

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Veteran?s Day: What it means to me Veterans - how should we honor them? These people fought in wars many times without volunteering - being chosen from a list. Many men and women have been unwillingly drafted to fight in these horrible wars to keep our nation?s great freedom and peace. Numerous families have been devastated because some of these people never made it home. Their lives were lost for our freedom, and I believe we need to honor those who died in grueling combat and those veterans alive today.

Unfortunately, there are many people in this country who simply recognize Veteran?s Day as a day off from work or school. These people should be cognizant of the fact that Veteran?s Day honors those thousands of people who died for the freedom of our country; the thousands who have made possible the freedom to work where we wish and obtain a high-quality education.

Veteran?s Day means a great deal to me because it is an excellent way to reflect on the amount of sacrifice people have made to make our country magnificent. We should never take for granted the freedom we enjoy in our nation; this freedom came at an immense cost. Many men and women have offered their lives to allow us to live as we do today. We take no notice of our freedoms; we merely expect them as a way of life. We must always take into account that nothing worthwhile, especially freedom, comes easy.

On this day we should be obliged to honor those who have lost their lives for our democracy. We must also remember those who fought and sacrificed major portions of their lives did it for us. It is because of those men and women that we have such an outstanding nation.