Are Video Games Corrupting Minds?

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Are Video Games Corrupting Minds? With entertainment technolgy increasing over the last few years theres a new concern about the welfare of our children. However I intend to prove dispite popular beleif that video games can help develope chidrens minds.

In the gaming industry the men and women that make the computer games, and console games want to attract the kids to buy their product not hurt them in the future. If anything video games will help teenagers and childrens minds. Study's show that kids that are able to play video and computer games get better grades in school and there vocabulary increases by two grades levels. I personally dont know if video games have helped me or not because I have played them since I was born. Dr. Blankenburg did a test on kids while they were playing a simple game of Tetris on a NES and study's show that children's brain span increased a lot while playing.


Blankenburg says " Kids tend to zone out while playing games and there parents think they are being brainwashed, but in reality they are actually helping their mind grow" Strategy games are made for entertainment but also to challedge the mind in ways that can not be expressed through other more kind ways. When I think strategy I think of taking your army and posstioning it in the right place at the right time to make my devious plan work.

Kids like to use their imagination. Grown ups have done this also but with other things when they were in there teens and younger years. They just used plastic guns and water guns to show how they would shoot you if they were in that situation. The problem with parents is not that they care to much about there son...