A View from the Bridge - Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller was born in Harlem in 1915, which was then a mixed racial, middle class area. His family were Jewish immigrants from Austria. The family moved to Brooklyn where the play is set. Through which they battled the Wall Street crash and depression. After school Miller started work with his father but decided it was not for him and to find another job. This was made tough for Miller as he was discriminated against for being a Jew. Through this prejudice both his social and political views were built upon. These views are key themes in his works, especially social prejudice. Miller has an English major at university of Michigan after that he joined the Federal theatre and then the Brooklyn navy yard. Throughout this time, Miller carried on writing plays. He realised a series of radio plays. Miller released his theatre debut in 1944.

Miller wrote two versions of ‘A view from the bridge.’

The first, produced in New York in 1955, was a one act play. The play was related to the Greek tragedy. Greek tragedies normally contain conflict between a character and a higher power, for example the law, fate, society or gods. The first play was based on a story that Miller heard whilst working at the docks. He decided that it would make a good basis for a play and to base it on a Greek tragedy. After writing the first play Miller decided to extend it into a two act play. He also modernised and made it more American, therefore making it more relatable to the audience. He also extended the role of women in the play, making the play have more depth and understanding to the character’s actions and thoughts.

A view from the bridge is set in Brooklyn, where Eddie Cabinet...