Vincent Van Gogh - a speech in first person.

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I got an A - it was designed as a speech. wanted it longer

Vincent Van Gogh

I was born on March 30, 1853 in a small, little-known town called Zundert located in the Netherlands. My father was a clergyman in Zundert as well.

I got an early start in working with art because my uncle worked as a partner in the international firm of picture dealers Goupil and co. In 1869 I went to work at the branch in The Hague. In 1873 I was sent to the London branch of Goupil and Co. Where I unsuccessfully fell in love with the daughter of the landlady. This was my first in what was to be many disastrous attempts to land a wife and in trying so hard to find a wife I began to slack at my work and was fired later that year. I then returned to England in 1876 and assisted unpaid at a local school.

This experience sparked a religious yearning inside of me and I went to study to become a minister as my father had. However I gave that up in 1878 and went to work as a lay preacher in Belgium. I felt somehow then as if I was connected to god so I gave away all my goods to the poor and was dismissed from that job for misinterpreting the teachings of Christ. Until 1880 I felt confused and lived in poverty, however then I found art once again and that was my release from the outer world. For the next ten years of my life I continued to do works of art and was undernourished and lived in poverty during this time when I was in such a single-minded phase thinking of nothing but art.

From 1881 to 1885 I lived...