Violence in Sport

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Over time and through out history, violence in sport has always been a problem for spectators and players alike. Violence in sport is generally looked down upon, because sport is meant to promote fair play which is the basis for a good society. It also develops good health and good will amongst people. Sport in Australia is a basic feature and everyone in there lifetime has enjoyed a good game of Soccer, Cricket or Football. Although Australia is known for its less violent behaviours during game matches, there are still instances where it has happened, and it is a problem which has for sometime been addressed. The National Committee on Violence has recognised hard contact sports can still be played with a sense of fun and fairness, and that spectators can enjoy themselves without getting carried away.

Australians idolise sport and have numerous heroes from different sporting sectors, if you were to ask an Australian to name their heroes or heroines, the majority of names raised will be of sportsmen and sportswomen.

The media also plays an enormous role in sport because it shapes the face of it, and players are driven to seek those sponsorships and advertisements. Television networks pay astronomical amounts to cover major sporting events, which is because it is well known that the public interest is so high that sponsorship dollars will more than cover the outlays.

There are a lot of examples of violence in sport, in Australia, at the Sydney Cricket Ground; there was a serious outbreak of violence during a cricket match against England as long ago as 1879. It was reported that 2,000 people invaded the ground, holding up play for 20 minutes, and that a spectator assaulted the English Captain, Lord Harris.

The year 1985 is somewhat well...