Is experimentation with laboratory animals justified or not? This subject has always been discussed all over the world. This is an important issue because it concerns science ethics. For years, various arguments have been put forward about this subject. In this essay, we are going to argue whether experimentation with laboratory animals is justified or not and point to particular effects of experiments on these animals. Then we will bring forward some reasons why tight restrictions have to be placed on experimentation with laboratory animals.

It has been stated that the use of animals in laboratory tests is necessary in order to protect people from being experimented on (Cheesewhiz, 2002, para. 1). A majority of people think that

reactions of laboratory animals against medical substances and cosmetics may be useful to check these substances´ effects. In addition, they think that these experiments will give opportunities to us in order to predict what will happen when these substances are used on a human.

However, these predictions can't always be correct because reactions of two different species are not always the same. Some experimentations which were related to lung cancer and asbestos showed this fact several times before. Clinical testing on human subjects strongly indicated that asbestos caused lung cancer while experiments on laboratory animals repeatedly were failing to demonstrate this.

Supporters of vivisection maintain that experiments with laboratory animals are obligated by law in United States to check whether drugs and cosmetics are harmful to human health or not

(Coleman, 1991, para. 6). According to Coleman, this sentence is asserted by companies that want to hide behind this lie. In addition, there has never been such a law in U.S. that makes animal experiments required for controlling whether substances are harmful or not to...