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I would like to discuss the six marketing environment if Wal-Mart was opened in a certain area.

Local Political Forces.

Political factors include the government beliefs towards the business, the legislation to go through and the government support for the business. The rules and regulations like minimum wage, subsidies, and taxes affect business in both positive and negative ways. Subsidies or the financial grants may help the business to expand but the trade restrictions might have a negative affect for a global superstore like Wal-Mart. All goods imported into or manufactured in Singapore are subjected to duties and/or Goods and Services Tax (GST). (Singapore Customs, 2009)Local Economic Forces.

The economic forces include the pattern of consumption, income level, inflationary level, and exchange of the economy. As now the world economy is in a bad shape, people will have a lesser buying power and the pattern of consumption of people or how often people buy will be less.

Furthermore, exchange rates have been falling persistently making Wal-Mart importers and Wal-Mart suffers badly.

Social Cultural Forces.

Social forces include the demographic and behavioral aspects in an economy. In other words social cultural are all about the people. It consists of population growth rate, age distribution, and cultural aspects. As Singapore is a multi-racial country, setting up a superstore here would be a great plus as it caters to all ages since the level of income of Singapore it quite high.

Local Technological Forces.

The technological forces consist of the research and development activities. A big issue of having a supercentre here in Singapore would be their control in logistics. Since Wal-Mart has the largest commercial satellite system in the world, they have the advantage among other competitors. They have satellites that are collecting information and beaming it down to...