Wanting What We Can Not Have: Jealousy

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In a world where certain values and ideologies are constantly inflicted upon its members, it is not uncommon that many people strive to attain certain materials or characteristics that others possess. In a world where money has become the absolute power, and where certain stereotypes have been deeply emphasized, today's society has become one in which people want what they cannot have. This feeling of jealousy has been present throughout history, is extremely common today, and will be even more prevalent tomorrow. As the influence of the media continues to grow, the effects of the often unrealistic messages that it conveys continue to stimulate viewer's emotions and evoke certain feelings of jealousy within them. Jealousy is a feeling that develops when people are bombarded with indications that what they don't have makes them inferior to those who do have it, and is also only truly felt by people who feel unfulfilled in certain aspects of their lives.

When people are aware of the advantages that certain things like money and beauty give those who possess them, it is understandable that they will crave those same benefits as well. Regrettably, however, those very characteristics and materials that many associate with helping them achieve a superior life often do not come as easily as expected. The common response to not being able to acquire these aspects is feeling jealousy towards those who do. A child who is shy and introverted will often feel jealous of his or her outgoing peers, the ones who seem to have more friends, and therefore, more birthday party invitations. Jealousy is a feeling that begins at a young age, and continues to manifest into our way of thinking as we get older. Children beg and plead with their parents to buy them the most recent toy...