Watches With Different Purposes And The Different Advertisements Witch Appeal To Their

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Watches with Different Purposes and the Different Advertisements witch Appeal to Their Clientele People wear a wide variety of accessories to enhance their appearance, but some accessories can provide a person with more than just an improved appearance. some accessories provide a function, like a belt is used to hold up your pants, while glasses are used t improve your vision. But no matter how good your vision is or how baggy your jeans there is a need for everybody to know what time it is. Watch designers have to make a wide variety of watches that are both useful and appealing as an accessory. for all the different types of watches companies make they also have to have catchy and equally clever ads that appeal to those different people.

An add for a women's wrist watch designed by Omega appears in Vogue magazine uses a super models face and notoriety to help sell their product.

It is centered around a close up of Cindy Crawford's face. Her complexion is flawless and she has a seductive, almost heart stopping gaze in her eyes that appears to be looking right at you.

Her hair that you can only see a small amount of is very well styled making sure not to cover her face. She has a large beautiful solitaire earring with an even bigger tear drop shaped diamond hanging from it. She has both hands loosely grasped together an the right side of her face. The watch is positioned at an almost one-hundred forty degree angle right on the side of her wrist, but parallel to her shoulder. The watch itself is made has a very shiny stainless steel with gold hinges between each link. The bezel, made of eighteen cart gold is embedded with diamonds all the way around. Cindy's face is framed in a perfect square that is surrounded by a blurry all white frame. Her face appears to be sitting on top of the watch, like the watch is a pedestal for her face. The watch is the only object in the picture that is in the white, and the only thing that is shaded. In bold letters right above her picture is the phrase Cindy Crawford's Choice, and right below her name in fine print is "Cindy Crawford chooses the constellation is steel and eighteen carat gold." And finally the name of a prestigious store were the watch be purchased "SAX FITH AVENUE" is in the bottom right of the add.

Another watch, designed by Seiko, whose add appeared in cycle world magazine has used a different approach. Its background is made up of several different eating utincels; these utensils are outlined by a bright neon purple light. The watch is positioned directly in the center of the page in a vertical position. The watch takes up most of the page leaving only a few inches between it and the edge of the page. The watch is surrounded by a bright, glowing light completely surrounding the entire watch.

The watch is purple, just a few shades darker than the surrounding knives, spoons, and forks. The face of the watch has a digital readout with the time and date showing. You can see that this watch can also be used as a stop watch or an alarm. It's written right above the time that it is water resistant up to 10 bars. Above the watch in a handwritten style text Essential Utensil is written with an arrow pointing directly down at the watch.

Right below the watch in bold print the name of the watch appears with its maker, " SPOON by Seiko." The Omega watch appeals to a person of great wealth that is looking for a watch that will give them prestige and glamour. It uses a person of authority, Cindy Crawford, who is synonymous with style and fashion. Sex appeal is very prevalent as Cindy Crawford is a very beautiful woman and anybody who would like to be associated with the beauty and good taste of Cindy Crawford should buy this watch. While the Spoon by Seiko is appealing to a more sporty audience, it still has a very sleek and stylish appearance to it. This watch is for the person who needs all the features of a sport watch, but doesn't want the ugly, bulky, and less stylish appearance of most sport watches.