In what ways does this dialogue in act three four develop your response to Othello and Desdemona in the play?

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Othello and Desdemona are both very different characters within the play Othello, although through there differences they merge to form a loving relationship. As many relationships have problems within act three scene four Othello's and Desdemona's relationship is really tested. It is at this point that as an audience we really see the developments of each character; Othello going from previously appearing quite calm and level headed a man of the army to rather ruthless and quick to judge and Desdemona going from a confident rich upper class representative of a Venetian women to a naive and clueless some may see ignorant little girl. The development of the Characters Desdemona and Othello is shown through the heightened emotions being expressed in this particular scene and the tone language and dialogue Shakespeare uses.

The extract opens with short sentences from Othello showing a calm yet curious tone. This is where Othello first begins asking for the handkerchief.

Othello then finds out that Desdemona "I have not about me." Here the tone changes as tension begins to build with Othello becoming angrier towards Desdemona. As an audience we can now imagine the words Iago spoke to Othello previously replaying again and again in he's mind. Iago's plan is really beginning to develop and unfold in Iago's favour. We see this through the language used where Othello uses the one phrase "Not?" with a question mark. I would expect this to be spoken rather loudly in an angry way on stage to really project Othello's feeling. At this point we see that as a character Othello has little skill for finding things from others point of view. It would appear he hears Desdemona has no handkerchief and convicts her straight away. At such a particular scene in the play Othello's persona...