We are all being manipulated by large corporations

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Anti-corporations and anti-logo groups and individuals are all around us and they all have one goal to free the general public from the curtains that big corporations put in front of us in order to take our money. But have they had any success. People in these groups would argue yes and say that just us knowing about these groups is a success and the first steep in bringing the corporations down. While others would say that they have had no impact on the businesses and that they are still going as strong if not stronger than ever. Nike seems to be the target of choice for these groups not only because they are one of the biggest clothing empires but also because of its exploitation of sweatshops.

In the book "So Yesterday" by Scott Westerfeld there is a small anti-corporation group who call themselves Jammers. The Jammers are a group of renegade trendsetters and innovators who secretly work to try and make consumers question everything.

Which will in turn free the public from the hold that corporations have around them. To reach their objective the Jammers hold a party to launch a magazine called Hoi Aristoi. To there party they invite all the young and wealthy individuals that New York has to offer. The Jammers than give all the guests a bottle of poo-sham shampoo that is really purple hair dye and a digital camera that wirelessly sends a copy of every photo taken back to the Jammers and has a flash that is programmed to cause mind control. Other tricks at the party are salty food and only alcohol to drink to make everyone there drunk and a TV ad to make you tongue-tied that uses the same flashing as the camera flashes. By dyeing the hair of...