How are we made to feel sympathy for the creature "Frankenstein"?

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Kenneth Branagh's "Frankenstein" is a film adaptation of the 18th century Gothic novel by Mary Shelley. In this film adaptation the overall genre is Horror. Frankenstein is commonly thought of as being a monster in contrast in this adaptation Frankenstein is actually the creator. In comparison to other Adaptations Frankenstein is allied as

being a monster. I will be investigating why we as the audience, feel sympathy for the Creation.

Firstly before we actually see the movie we already are prejudice against the creation. This is due to the Genre classification of Horror. Immediately as we see horror we think of evil, hate and death. This is partially correct-it is a horror as it does include death,however it includes life. This adaptation we are made to feel sympathy

in a way that challenges the popular misconception.

Our feeling of sympathy increases as the movie progresses, as more and more characters in this movie become increasingly prejudiced.

For example in the beginning of the creation's life the creator realises what he has done when it is too late. As he writes in his journal he quotes "Serious BIRTH defects..." this relates to birth. We symbolise birth with beauty and happiness. In deep contrast, in this birth it includes pain and ugliness. When the creation is in the Birth Chamber there is a High angle view with an ECU (Extreme Close Up) that show the truly ugliness scars of the creature as Frankenstein repeatedly quotes "live". But after so much struggle and desperation of wanting the creature to live Frankenstein realises what horrors and evil he has done. He rejects the Creature before he even gets to know it. This makes the audience feel even more empathy because we can all relate to the creatures rejections some more than...