Week 4 IMC Media Campaign

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Looking forward into the next three years, while Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc expects market conditions to remain highly competitive, Team C believes the company is well positioned for continued growth. In order to further strengthen its competitive position and build market share, Hill's Pet anticipates in continuing to prioritize investments in key categories and markets and increasing drive against its strategic objectives: getting closer to the consumer including its profession and customers; effectiveness and efficiency in everything; and innovation and leadership in the global market.

Campaign ThemeA campaign theme should be centered and based on the campaign's goal; Team C's campaign goal is to produce product awareness for Hill's PetGPS. Hill's PetGPS' theme is important to the product's campaign strategy and will be the theme throughout the campaign. The theme that Team C has created begins with the slogan, "Hill's performs. Paws down!" and will be carried throughout all campaign messages.

Team C's idea behind the slogan will give consumers the notion that Hill's quality is exceptional and can be trusted for any of their pet's needs. Does the theme relate to the GPS device or to Hill's in general? You need something related to the product in the theme or tag line. The "paws" is clever but it also needs to be relevant (Jay Chiat of Chiat/Day called breakthrough intrusive and relevant. Intrusive relates to cleverness, etc. Relevance is harder to achieve.)The logo is also part of the development of the campaign's theme for Hill's PetGPS, the logo will consist of a globe with a dog sitting on top of the globe and the slogan mentioned above will run right underneath the globe. This works. This will give the campaign a global feel and also corresponds with the Global Positioning System (GPS) product; the logo will help with brand...