The Westing Game

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Barry Northrup asked six people to come live in Sunset Towers. But Sunset towers faced east and Barry Northrup didn't existed. The families consisted of The Wexlars (Jake, Grace or Grace Windkoppel, Turtle-Alice, Tabitha Ruth or T.R. and Angela), the Hoos (Doug, James Shin, and Sunny), the Theodorakis (Chris, Theo, George, and Catherine), Judge J.J. Ford, Sydelle Pluski, Flora Baumbach, and Crow. There were also sixteen heirs they were Crow, Otis Amber, Sydelle Plaski, Sandy McSouthers, Chris, Theo, Doug, Jake, Grace, Turtle, Angela, Denton Deere, Flora, James, Sunny, and Judge J.J. Ford.

The Wexlar's are a family of four. Turtle is a very intelligent thirteen -year-old girl. She plays the stock market. Angela is a young lady. She was set to get married to Denton Deere, but she doesn't want to at all. Jake is a foot doctor. He is also a bookie. Finally Grace Windkoppell Wexlar a want to be decorator ends up owning ten restaurants.

The Hoos was a family of three. James Shin Hoo inventor and restaurant owner. Restaurant was Hoo's on first till bought by Grace Wexlar. Sunny Hoo is a burglar then became part of the restaurant, finally the owner of Hoo's invention. Doug Hoo is a runner, later wins two gold medals and set a new world record.

The Theodorkis were a family of four. George Theordokis was a coffee shop owner and dated Violet Westingwhen he was younger. Catherine is the chef at the coffee shop. Chris was a handicapped person who enjoys bird watching. He later became a professor and discovered a new sub species. Theo was a friend of Doug's. He became a writer and married Turtle.

Crow lived in an apartment and was the cleaning lady there. She was married to Westing and after their daughter's death they...