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WWK began in 1989. The major business is to trip the tourists for whale watch in Kaikoura. In last 15 years, WWK's fixed assets increased at least 55 times. WWK think that the successful result came from the professional community. They need a strategy plan for next five years. Barry Botherway have appointed the group of consultant (named "sweet") to prepare this Board paper. In this board paper, we think WWK have the excellent vision, values and mission statement for their organizations. We are going to make a five-year Strategy by point out the risks, opportunities and strength from both internal and external analysis. Functional strategies are applied for support.

Vision, values and mission statement

WWK is becoming a famous brand of whale watch in world wide. The vision statement of WWK was "Kaikoura the Meeting Place". It is also the basic for the values of WWK's organization, which are culturally acceptable, economically viable and environmentally sustainable activities.

These three values are interrelated: natural environment is the core resource for the company to keep its long run economical viable. All of the activities from either economical viability or cultural acceptability must follow the basic element which is environment protecting. On the other hand, the economic success can also maintain the environmental sustainability. The culturally acceptable activities is identified by economic and environment elements. It helps the business to carry out the other values. Therefore, the mission statement for WWK should keep on "to grow our global reputation for delivering a unique marine and cultural experience in one of the world's last unspoiled, natural wildness areas".

External Analysis

In this part, Porter's five forces are used to process the external analysis of WWK. Porter's five forces analysis are "threat of new entrants, threat from industry competitors, threat from suppliers, threat...