White Supremacy

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White Supremacy Report White supremacy" is a loaded phrase that implies oppression of other races KKK: The KKK (Klu Klux Klan) is probably the most famous of all the hate groups.

Although there have always been different branches of the KKK, all of them have held a common goal to maintain the supremacy of the white race over Black Americans.

The KKK is against Blacks, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and other minority groups.

The beginning of the clan wasn't too sinister. It was the boredom of small town life that led six young Confederate veterans to form a social club in 1865.

The founders of the klan were determined to come up with something unusual and mysterious. Being well educated one of them suggest the Greek word Kuklos from which the english word circle is derived from. After tinkering with the sound for a while they finally ended up with Klu Klux Klan.

The Klan's early reputation was based on mischief. One of their favorite pranks was for a Klansman to ride up to a black home at night and demand for water. When the well bucket was offered he would pretend to drink the water, but actually pour it through a tube into a bottle beneath his robe. After doing this to several buckets, the rider would exclaim that he had not had a drink since he died on the battlefield at Shiloh, and gallop into the night, leaving the impression of a dead Confederate soldier.

The burning of the cross is claimed by the Klansmen as a symbol of Jesus Christ being the light of the world Although in time the mischief turned into violence.

While the klan grew larger it was hurt by fighting between competing factions, financial troubles, and congressional legal investigations. In the...