Why cellphones should be banned from schools.

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Cell Phones are frequently used by students in schools, and it shouldn't be much of a problem. However it is beginning to become detrimental to those students learning. Students, while in class are being distracted by their cell phones, and as a result students are paying less attention in class. Students are also using they're cell phones to cheat in tests. Last of all, Cell Phones are a very effective tool in verbal abuse (through text messaging).

While in class students are learning things which will help them in later life, or important information, which they need to progress in their studies. Many students however, are being distracted in class. This is because of the entertainment provided by cell phones, for example text messaging, music, and games. These do not however have a place in the classroom, just like students are not allowed to watch television in class.

This is illustrated everyday in a classroom, although it is not always noticed. This is a reason why cell phones do not have a place in school.

Tests are very important for the teacher, as well as the student, as it helps the student gauge what they do and do not need to learn. With the introduction of cell phones, cheating has become a lot easier, and discrete. This is because cell phones are very easily hidden, meaning one can text message another during a test without anybody else knowing. They can also store information on their cell phones, to which they can access at a later date; this may be during a test. An example of this was recently when several Californian high school students were caught cheating in a test, using there cell phones. They were later punished severely for their actions.

As the capabilities of cell phones...