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I picked The Color Purple to read because I didn't know much about the blacks and what they had gone through to get the freedom that they have now. When I first picked this book to read I thought to myself that I wasn't going to enjoy reading it and that I would just have to struggle to get through it for this class, but then as soon as I read the first letter Celie wrote to God, I was hooked. There were points in the book where I wouldn't want to put the book down.

Throughout reading this book, I was surprised to find out many events that happened in a young black girl's life. I learned that holding on to the ones you love will give you the strength to go on. For example, Celie was going through very hard times in her life with everything that was happening to her, but in the back of her mind she knew that someday her sister Nettie would come back so they could be together again.

She put up with everything Albert did to her just so she could she Nettie again, although everyone was telling Celie that Nettie was dead, but because Celie had the smallest belief that Nettie could still be alive she went ahead with her life and eventually reunited with Nettie. I also learned that no matter how bad things are in your life that things will, at one point or another, get better.

As I said above, I wasn't thrilled to read this book, but when I started I just couldn't put it done. Alice Walker writing style of this book is different from many of the other books I have read. She writes The Color Purple through letter from Celie to God, Nettie to Celie, and Celie to Nettie. Because the book is written this way, we as the readers, don't always know everything about the characters, setting, or why some of the characters behave as they do. We get one point of view on everything. I liked this writing style alot. Another thing I liked about the composition of this book is that it was written just like a 14-yearold, uneducated, black girl would have talked. There were points in time, that I would catch myself talking how Walker wrote the book. There was only one thing I didn't like in the book and that is some of the raunchy words that Walker used. Although it did make what was happening more realistic, I just don't enjoy those kind of words. But over all I felt that The Color Purple is an excellent book and very well written.