Why Did Australia Go To WWI?

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On the 4th August 1914, England declared war on Germany, and Australia was drawn into the war because she was a member of the British Commonwealth. The attitude of the Australian Government was that we would defend Britain “to the last man, and to the last farthing,” (This was spoken by the future Prime Minister Andrew Fisher). Australians rallied to the cause with over 52 000 volunteers in 1914. The reasons for volunteering included:Support for Britain. Australia was a Commonwealth country and was governed under the monarchy. Australia was there and ready to defend and support their mother country and allied with Russia, France and Belgium. Together with the Triple Entante, Australia was ready to defend their Britain.

Nationalism was a major benefactor in joining the ANZACS campaign. Nationalism was pride for one’s country. Many young Australians enrolled in the army because of their pride for serving their own country, for giving up their lives for a better nation.

Many Australians joined the army because of their mates. Peer pressure was another major influence in joining the war. There were posters stuck on walls saying that 50 000 fathers have joined the army – have you? This was propaganda and pushing people’s courage to go to war, to their limits. If you did not enroll, a feather of a chicken was thrown into an envelope and into your mailbox. This act was to tell you, you were a chicken. This forced many to join.

Girls were the influence to many soldiers for joining the army. The badge was a sign of loyalty and strength and many girls found it quite appealing. The chance of having lots of girls in arms reach is amazing and all you have to do is enroll into the army!Many Australians found it boring living at...