Why do you think many young people turn to drugs?

Essay by tendrus May 2004

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Drugs can mean everything from cigarettes and alcohol to heroin, cannabis, amphetamines, LSD and cocaine. They are dangerous for many reasons. They lead to depression, unconsciousness or even death. There is also a danger of addiction after regular use. Drugs can cause many serious medical disorders and physical deterioration. They can infect the system leading to sores, jaundice, blood poisoning and even AIDS disease.

Addiction begins when an individual makes a conscious choice to use drugs. The broad and swelling range of available drugs and well-developed networks of drug dealers make it easier for many people, especially young ones, to access the illicit substances. It's estimated that by the age of 13 young people had tried marijuana and cocaine. Most of them started taking drugs for the pleasure of it without considering the long-term effects. By the age of 18 about 30% of young people had already tried a variety of soft and hard drugs.

Many teenagers turn to drugs such as sleeping tablets, tranquilizers or anti depressants to help relax and cope with the stress and problems of their life. They experience many pressures at school, from parents, friends. They're bored, frustrated or frightened. They think that taking drugs is the best way-out. However, they don't realize how dangerous and deceitful it's. Surprisingly though, most of the youth abusers were only interested in experiencing the allegedly pleasurable high, but were unaware of the side-effects and possible complications of drug abuse.

Many sings indicate that a boy or a girl is taking drugs, for example, sudden changes of mood, irritability, aggression, loss of appetite, loss of interest in hobbies or friends, sleeplessness, furtive behaviour, unusual smells, stains or marks on the body or clothes, unusual powders, tablets, capsules or needles and syringes.

Parents who spot that their children are...